School Daze

I have signed up for The International School of Yacht Design, and it starts in about one week. Hopefully I will learn how design faster boats and less epic fails and catastrofic capsizings 😉 Really looking forward to this in Chalmers Gothenburg.SchoolDaze_BACK



Chryz10 Outlaw will be the next project for 2016. The plan is to keep most of the gears, sails and ideas, but make a bigger wider and faster “small trimaran”. I will try to make the length of the boat 18″ and the amas atleast 16″. Beslow is a sketch of the new Outlaw projekt together with Chryz10. Any thoughts? 😉


Retrospective of last year

Chryz10 boat project retrospective 2015. From an nonperforming dinghy to a really small but performing trimaran with several sail options, in less than one year. 2016… will be better, bigger, faster and maybe some major failure as well 😉  Thanks for all support!Chryz10_retrospective