A new inside


I’m trying to reinforce the inside a lot to support water stays and the carbon mast feet. Using polyurethane boards with polyester and glas fiber.


Forestayz jib, code and gen

Working with arrangement for the forestays. The hull should be long enough to support jib, code0 and gennaker without any need for bowsprit like Spindrift2 and other monster trimarans.



The need for high speed

My new year resolution was to build a boat faster than 1.40, in the Swedish SRS handicap system, with mostly gears and materials from local hardware store. I have create an illustration and comparisment with some common trimarans and catamarans, and their “speed number” in SRS. (Higher number is faster). Will it be possible? 🙂



Gothenburg boat show and Bohusracet

The upcoming week, I will work some days at Gothenburg boat show, and Bohusracet. Bohusracet is the largest shorthanded race in Northen Europe. Its a inshore/outshore race, 180 NM long, and takes 1-2 days to sail. You need to fullfill some safety requirement, and the boat must be faster than 1.000 in the swedish SRS handicap system.

At the boatshow I also checked out the new Weta 2015 trimaran, with some modifications. Have never seen the Weta live before, and I checked out all smooth solutions and will use some of the technology on my new project.



Lessons Learned

First lesson was a great one. Hull geometry, design check list, Stability Index. Everything becomes clear what went terrible wrong during the evolution of Chryz10. For my next projekt I will try to use design-spiral, and have a clear vision, and start early with some calculation and measurement.