Farr 30 For sale

Farr30 is one of the fastest and most competitive 30-feet race boat in the world. I have to sell my Farr 30…  I have too many other boat and too little time to sail it. But it’s a amazing boat. Check my videos below, and one from prev owner when it was named MummaDuck.

Price is 350 000 sek (35 000 €), if you want to buy it! more info
Call me +46 76 553 68 71 or send mail, cholsson@gmail.com



Midsummer murder-rain


It’s raining like hell! Unbelievable bad weather. So what can you do… You can build a fast trimaran.
Have been reinforced main hull a lot and adding the 2nd layer of glasfiber to the amas. It does not look much but it will be sweet.

Happy midsummer 🙂