Making glass fiber tubes. Learned from some Youtubes how to do it easy. Also adding some layer glass fiber on the prolonged amas.

Need to wrap up everything soon to get speed handicap certificate for 2017 🙂


Everglades Challenge 2017

Today starts the Everglades Challange in Florida! Its an amazing race 300 nautic miles from Tampa Bay / Everglades down to Key Largo. Many unique sailingcrafts, sailing kayaks handmade custom-boats and modified factorymade vessels. Its limited to 100 boats and sailors must mange to put the boat in the ocean by them self. Five different classes, all from sailing canoes to multihulls, trimamarans


Both Chryz10 and Chryz Outlaw could actually compete in Everglades Challange… but its little too far away for boat tranportation 🙂

Follow the race tracker here. A youtube film clip from the “pre-start” here

Class 1 – Expedition Kayaks and Canoes
Class 2 – Racing Kayaks and Canoes
Class 3 – Sailing Kayaks and Canoes
Class 4 – Monohull Sailboats and Small Craft
Class 5 – Multihull Sailboats and Small Craft
It looks like Randy Smyth won Evergades Challange overall with his Sizzor trimaran. It seems to be very tough conditions this year, and the start first had to be delayed 24. After that, it has been a really difficult race.
Challenger Class Finish, 300 Miles Key Largo
SewSew aka Randy Smyth Class 5, Single Male 2 Days, 10 Hours, 9 Min
bustedrudder aka bob waters Class 1, Single Male 3 Days, 4 Hours, 56 Min
MosquitoMagnet aka wayne albert Class 1, Single Male 3 Days, 5 Hours, 17 Min
ironbob and TheJuice aka Robert Finlay and Druce Finlay Class 2, Double Male 3 Days, 9 Hours, 19 Min
kayakvagabond aka Greg Stamer Class 1, Single Male 3 Days, 10 Hours, 54 Min
danceswithsandybottom and SOS aka Paul Stewart and Alan Stewart Class 4, Double Male 3 Days, 13 Hours, 9 Min
SkinnyGenes and Skinnyjeans aka Kilby Smith and Stephen Antworth Class 4, Double Male 3 Days, 14 Hours, 33 Min
danceswithmullet aka channing boswell Class 5, Single Male 3 Days, 17 Hours, 38 Mi

Design vision of the new Chryz10

This is the vision / Design ideas for Chryz10 SW for 2017

1. Race ready within 5 minutes, (from you exit your car to sailing, it should take less then 5 min)
2. Instrument panel (Be able to see GPS-map, time, your phone, camera all the time (Dry)
3. Scrap Wood. Build the boat with what you have. (I have so much great stuff at home from prev boats and builds, I build with what I have “scrap wood” this includes carbon fiber and alu)