The race of the year, the race that my boat is most optimized for! This year it was really really windy and gusty! Luckily my friend Joachim wanted to join me on my boat. Only once, one more person has been on board. Joachim added a lot of weight but also a lot of stability. If the boat just hold, we could maybe set a new record around the island

Here is the film from the race

We sailed faaaaar to long to the right before gybing back. We got great speed but suffered from sailing a long way. Some of the boats catched up here
I later realiezed that I set the record around the island last year, in 29 min. This year, about a minute slower, but Henrik sent me stats from the last 30 years, and it seems like we did the 2nd fastested time of all time!

If anyone wants to see the complete race, 30 min + 5 min before the race + 10 min after the race, here it is in 1080p 60fps 😀

Also, Henrik was unlucky, and his mast-fot- broke down on his boat, and had to be rescued by my dad.