Outlaw TestSailing day 2

All went very well during my two days of test-sailing. The new designed worked out great. Very very good speed in side-wind. Better than expected.

After day one, I tweaked the boat a little.

  • Tilted the mast some degree backward to get the stearing more neutral.
  • Changed the main sheet to be able to tighten it hard. (Need to do more here later)
  • Changed position of the jib a little to reduce twist
  • Tightened the trampoline some..
  • Used the cunningham some more
  • Changde max angle of jib track


18ft cat vs 18 ft trimaran showdown (Full video) 

coverfullToday was probably the best sailing day this year. For the first time we raced my 18 ft A-Cat vs 18 ft trimaran. We started out with two frozen boats, but in the sun it felt like any Swedish summer day :-). I installed one action cam on each boat, plus some mobiles. Now you can compare 18ft cat vs 18 ft tri.
In the light wind, the tri felt faster as long as the A cat had both hull in the water. When it was more wind and was flying on one full, the trimaran lost the fight.



Speed certificate

Today I got my official “speed certificate” (LYS-tal) for my home built boat. 1.52, and its one of the 1% fastest official rated sailing boats in Sweden 🙂 Rated just little faster than a 49:er, and little little faster than Hobie Cat 18


Refined Design


After one round-the-island race, and two club race, I feel I need more sails.

First thing a need is a bigger jib. Both it will give more speed in lower wind and also better balace to the boat. My design of putting the mast really far back, causes the boat turn up against win pretty easy. When its lots of wind, bot get really good speed, 10-12knt and then the balance is great, but when going slower, it feels like I need the jib further forward and a bigger one.

Downwind, the “temporary” small Code0, is waaaay too small. Maybe a 15 sqr m code or gennacker would fit bettter. BUT, for this the boat needs to be strengthen a bit. May be for next season. Right now I’m looking for a 5-6 sqr m jibb to try out, and I think I have found one that could be perfect