Far from Farr


Not soo windy today. Hade no chance keeping up with the Arcona and the Farr 30. Video will come…


Farr 30 For sale

Farr30 is one of the fastest and most competitive 30-feet race boat in the world. I have to sell my Farr 30…  I have too many other boat and too little time to sail it. But it’s a amazing boat. Check my videos below, and one from prev owner when it was named MummaDuck.

Price is 350 000 sek (35 000 €), if you want to buy it! more info
Call me +46 76 553 68 71 or send mail, cholsson@gmail.com


Wednesday Club race

Yesterday was the first Club Race this year. I sailed my A-Cat in the amazingly cold weather. Filmed the race with my action cam. Maybe upload it later. My dad sailed the Farr30 and had special guest Mattias Rahm from Rahm Racing, in his team. I beat them by a minute to the finish line but needed to be 25 min before by handicap 🙂


1. H-båt Team Torge
2. First Niklasson
3. CB 66 Team GO
4. CB 66 G Johnsson
5. Farr 30 G Olsson
6. A.cat C Olsson

The Farr and a cat



Today it was time for some serious boat fix. We put both the Farr30 into the sea and the A-cat in the yacht club. I also got some alu-pipe material for the Chryz Outlaw. The weather was grey grey and greyish. At least no rain… 🙂

The New project!

Started a new project “build a small boat”
The goal was after inspiration from another blog to build a dinghy. But now I aim for building a small 1/3 version of Farr30. That would be.. Farr10. F10.
Starterd from nothing… So needed to build the shape first.