Sailing cooler

Some weeks ago I built re-designed Coolblaster for my sailing boats. This one is lighter loader and room for more drinks than before. Used a powerbank for power. Plexi glas for strukture and a mc-stereo mp3 usb aux stereo 🙂

Room for 6 large cans or 8 small 0.33 litre cans & the stereo.


The Shipyard is ready

The shipyard is ready for more custombuilds! Also Chryz10 is repaird and ready for sailing again!

Chryz Outlaw Will get some serious improvments. Have started removing things today

Test sailing Day 2. Zero windish..

Yesterday it was hot but really bad wind. But Henrik came along and shoot some clips you can see I have mixed in below. Thanks. He used his Retro-racer-boat.

Tweaks and todoz

  • Water stay turnbuckle needs to be on the other way
  • Main sheet was little too hard
  • Action cam needs to be higher
  • GPS must be in center

The need for high speed

My new year resolution was to build a boat faster than 1.40, in the Swedish SRS handicap system, with mostly gears and materials from local hardware store. I have create an illustration and comparisment with some common trimarans and catamarans, and their “speed number” in SRS. (Higher number is faster). Will it be possible? 🙂