18ft cat vs 18 ft trimaran showdown (Full video) 

coverfullToday was probably the best sailing day this year. For the first time we raced my 18 ft A-Cat vs 18 ft trimaran. We started out with two frozen boats, but in the sun it felt like any Swedish summer day :-). I installed one action cam on each boat, plus some mobiles. Now you can compare 18ft cat vs 18 ft tri.
In the light wind, the tri felt faster as long as the A cat had both hull in the water. When it was more wind and was flying on one full, the trimaran lost the fight.




Outlaw the last august, New jib test sailing

Wednesday Club race, and test sailing a new jib from 49:er. Worked out really great! The balance in the boat is improved a lot, compare to the old small 2m2 jib. Upwind was amzinga, and was first to the top mark, even with a little little slow start 🙂 Check it out.



Vestas Wind VO65 sailing

Today it was time for some serious sailing with Vestas Wind. I was sailing this VO65 dinghy with my friend Anders. Best weather this year, about 7m/s wind. Magic day for sailing!



We raced against Dongfeng. Wonn the first race and lost the second. Love the canting keel 🙂


Wednesday Club race

Yesterday was the first Club Race this year. I sailed my A-Cat in the amazingly cold weather. Filmed the race with my action cam. Maybe upload it later. My dad sailed the Farr30 and had special guest Mattias Rahm from Rahm Racing, in his team. I beat them by a minute to the finish line but needed to be 25 min before by handicap 🙂


1. H-båt Team Torge
2. First Niklasson
3. CB 66 Team GO
4. CB 66 G Johnsson
5. Farr 30 G Olsson
6. A.cat C Olsson

Retrospective of last year

Chryz10 boat project retrospective 2015. From an nonperforming dinghy to a really small but performing trimaran with several sail options, in less than one year. 2016… will be better, bigger, faster and maybe some major failure as well 😉  Thanks for all support!Chryz10_retrospective


Sailoween sailing with small trimaran Chryz10. Tested the performance of the new gennaker from North. Worked even better  than expected in the light wind. The super A-Cat as tender boat as always. Happy halloween!