Local race, prestart & 1st mark from Farr30 filming

Unfortunately I failed to film the race from my camera…


Little to little, little too late

First race yesterday! I was little too late to start and then it was little too little wind. But race was good. Did about 5 small improvement to the boat before race that all worked out great

Outlaw TestSailing day 2

All went very well during my two days of test-sailing. The new designed worked out great. Very very good speed in side-wind. Better than expected.

After day one, I tweaked the boat a little.

  • Tilted the mast some degree backward to get the stearing more neutral.
  • Changed the main sheet to be able to tighten it hard. (Need to do more here later)
  • Changed position of the jib a little to reduce twist
  • Tightened the trampoline some..
  • Used the cunningham some more
  • Changde max angle of jib track